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Triumph by xtomorrow Triumph by xtomorrow
Mechanical pencil.
Pen and ink.
Watercolor and watercolor pencils.
Sketchbook paper.

Kizioko and I worked together for the first time in the creation of this piece for the Seven Deadly Sins contest here on DA. She told me about the contest yesterday, the last day before all entries were due and said that she wanted to submit something for it. She offered the idea of us doing it together. We sat together brainstorming for a while; we were both shy for ideas. After a while we finally starting forming the idea of someone dragging someone else or themselves on a bed. I kept questioning how this really represented "sloth." Following more time we concluded an idea of someone constrained to a bed, piled with objects of so much of this modern worlds laziness, breaking free. We feel that this person breaking the ropes holding him to this bed of modern pleasure is a message against the deadly sin for which this contests theme is based.
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Word-Splatter Nov 19, 2009
this piece kicks ass. just gonnna say. the energy and the metaphor is great. pretty effing insane.
kisjaah Jan 28, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
awesome :boing:
it's gorgeous.
: )
Lilcreim09 Sep 12, 2007   Photographer
did j'a win?
nope. but it was still worth it. : )
The idea and how you make it, the colours, it is awesome! I like it :D!
this is wicked legit =)
mwacha Aug 15, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
I certainly like the thought that went into this! I support you all da way!
stoantje Aug 15, 2007
did you like drew the left part and Kizioko the right part, or is it more mixed up or complicated than that? good piece
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